How to pick the right Garage Door

For many homeowners in Sheffield, garage doors are prominent external features of the home. It can, therefore, be difficult to find one that suits the style of your home and also offers the right safety and insulation purposes you need it for.

When there’s so much choice out there, how do you even start to find the right garage door for you? To make it easier, the team at ABi Garage Doors Ltd has prepared this short article to help you throughout the process.

Step One: Decide on the material

At this stage, you need to think about four main things – durability, maintenance, design and cost. These four factors will determine which material door would be best suited to your needs.

  • Aluminum: a broad range of garage door styles, colours and design. It needs little maintenance; it’s rustproof and lightweight. But it isn’t as durable as other options such as steel and it can dent easily.
  • Steel: variety of styles, colours and finishes, steel is sturdy. However, it can rust is it is scratched or dented meaning it may need regular maintenance.
  • Wood: for much more traditional homes, but it limits in style or colour. It requires regular maintenance in the form of painting, but it can be cost-effective, with veneers available to give the look of wood at a low cost.

Step Two: Decide on a style

This all depends on the sort of home you have…If you are looking for a contemporary or modern finish to suit your new home, a roller garage door may be a popular option. However, if you are looking for a more traditional look, wooden garage doorframes are ideally suited. Our ABi Garage Doors Ltd team is well equipped to advise on styles should you need further assistance.

Step Three: Colour

The colour of your garage door should compliment your home and blend into the overall feel and structure. You could match the colour of your new garage door with your current window trim, of that of the front door. You could match the colour with your brick palettes too!

If you are a Sheffield homeowner looking for a new garage door and need more advice, please contact our experienced team on 01142 055151.