Affordable garage door options for your Sheffield home

If you need a new garage door, this can be an expensive endeavour. For a lot of people, a garage door is simply just for purpose. No added extras or add-ons, a garage door can simply just serve to be an entrance to a garage.

If your garage door has broken down or is damaged beyond repair you might need to replace it. Just like a boiler break down this can be an unwelcome cost to many homeowners.

But do not fear, garage doors do not have to be the bank-breaking expense you may be expecting. A lot of people choose to have an expensive garage door to complement the front of their home. But if all your after is a simple replacement there are lots of affordable alternatives you can choose from.

Garage doors can be customised in almost every aspect; in their function, their appearance and their style. But such a wealth of possibilities to customise your garage door comes even more scope for an affordable alternative. As people opt for the more luxurious styles, the prices fall for the more traditional options.


Garage doors can be manufactured and produced in a wide range of materials. Vinyl fibreglass and timber also materials that are in-trend for more extravagant garage doors. These are usually the expensive option for large multi-bedroom houses. However, these houses usually have their premises or are protected with a private gate around the property. Timber and vinyl do not have anywhere near the same durability and security properties as steel or aluminium. These metals can withstand much harsher weather conditions and are harder to break into by potential thieves. Also, aluminium and steel garage door are much cheaper to produce, proving that sometimes cheap and cheerful is better.

Opening mechanism

Garage doors are at the centre of an innovative technological surge. They are expanding into different markets and are reaping the benefits of technological advancements. Electric garage doors are now the most common type in the UK. A simple click of a button from the warmth of your house or car and your garage door is open. The rise of demand of this mechanism, whereby the garage door rolls into a barrel at the top of the ceiling, has seen prices plummet. Also, if you are able to manually lift the garage door then the tradition up and over style is still available and at a much-discounted price


If you want to go the extra mile, you can tailor the final aesthetics of your garage door to your home. The versatility of garage doors allows you to personalise them with a range of paintwork or design. If you simply aren’t interested in the design of your garage door, then less can be more which a simple white. This will also save you money yet still look attractive and modern.

ABi Garage Doors Ltd can completely customise a garage door to your preference. Or we can offer an uncomplicated and affordable alternative with simplicity and practicality in mind.

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