The best garage conversion ideas

Garages were originally created as a place to store your car as well as any other items that you don’t want to clog up your home, but over the last decade or so, its function has transitioned to more creative uses.

Here at ABi Garage Doors Ltd, we believe that whatever the use, a garage is a wonderful place – unless you’re wasting the space. Therefore, if your garage isn’t reaching its full potential and is only used as a place to chuck unwanted and unused items, take notes.

In this article, we will be running you through the best ideas for a garage conversion. All these ideas will not only add value to your home (single garage conversion can add up to 20%), but they will increase the amount of living space and make your life a whole lot better.


Whether you’re creating a bedroom for guests or you need an extra room but can’t afford to move to a new house, converting your garage in to a bedroom is a great idea. The room would mean your property would have one extra bedroom which is great for property value as well as convenience.

Think about the amount of times you’re kept up at night by the other half’s snoring – it’s no longer an issue. You can escape from the noise and go have an interrupted night’s sleep.

One great idea is to also have a sofa bed rather than just a bed as this gives you the opportunity to have a multi-functional space, especially if you add a desk to turn it in to a mini office too.

Home gym

For many, going to the gym has more negatives than positives and that is what puts them off going all together. But if you convert your garage in to a home gym/fitness room, then majority of the negatives disappear (high memberships, getting hot and flustered in front of strangers, using sweaty gym equipment etc.) as you will have your own private gym.

It would cost a fair bit initially but it would be paid back a few times over if you take in to account the amount of money that you’re saving on gym memberships and the value it’s going to add to your home.

Man cave

This is one of our favourite garage conversion ideas as you have so much freedom. The stereotypical contents of a man cave are dart boards, a bar, comfy chairs entertainment system etc., but it’s all dependant on your own personal interests.

You may not be massively in to sports and may love relaxing and reading, and therefore could use your man cave to store books and could be used as a place to get away from the kids for an hour or so.

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