Common Problem with Garage Doors

Like everything, automatic garage doors can have issues if they are old or faulty. It’s something we cannot avoid and at ABi Garage Doors Ltd we get calls on a regular basis from homeowners in the region needed our professional help when it comes to fixing common problems.

However, there are some issues that can be solved by the homeowner without the need for a professional to be on site. To help Sheffield homeowners with their garage door problems, we have prepared this article to tips and tricks along the way.

Remote Control:

A lot of common garage door problems stem from the remote control. Automatic doors won’t open without them, therefore, it is important that they work correctly at all times.

Issues that could occur with remote controls are-

  • The batteries may need changing
  • The transmitters in the remote aren’t working properly

The Door Itself:

If you are sure that your remote control is working fine then there could be an issue with the garage door itself. This can be more difficult to solve yourself as sometimes you will need experts such as the Sheffield Garage Door team to help solve your issues.

Some things to look out for are:

  • The door tracks aren’t aligned properly
  • Something is blocking the door’s path stopping it to open properly
  • The garage door settings aren’t set right
  • The door springs are broken
  • The door is manually locked

Generally finding out the reason as to why your garage door isn’t opening is easy, but getting it fixed can be harder. If you aren’t sure about anything we strongly recommend you speak to a professional such as the ABi Garage Doors Ltd team to avoid you causing more damage and potentially costing you more money. We pride ourselves on our quick response, which can solve issues with Sheffield homeowners as effectively as possible.

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