Should you convert your Sheffield garage?

At a time when most Sheffield homeowners are renovating their homes instead of moving, many of us look to a new home extension with a lot of people ignoring the free space that they have already. But at ABi Garage Doors Ltd, our team are here to champion the garage conversion, and have a lot of experience in advising homeowners in the Sheffield region looking to create this new space.

So why should you convert your Sheffield garage into a new part of your home?

  • You will gain a new living area that is much more easier to create than the conversion of say a loft or a cellar
  • You could add value to your home
  • It will be cheaper than building a whole new extension
  • Garages are generally the same height as the rest of your home, making them more suited to conversion than other areas of your home

And what are the downsides?

  • You will lose your parking and storage space
  • Issues you will need to solve include insulating the garage, covering the floor, plastering and windows
  • You will need to think about your garage door- will you keep this as it is, get a new one or brick it up

A garage conversion is a full commitment and one that shouldn’t be entered into lightly. Make sure you have thought about everything before you start the project.

If you are based in Sheffield and you would like to speak to our garage door experts about anything garage related, including buying a new garage door, please do get in touch with us on 01142 055151.