What are the different types of garage door?

With so many styles, colours, materials and finishes available to you, we understand that choosing a new garage door can be rather intimidating. So, to help make things that little bit easier and improve your understanding of the different garage door types, we thought we would put this article together where we will be outlining each door’s key features, benefits and how it operates.

We want to make sure that the garage door you choose in the end is the perfect one for your home; after all, a garage door is for life, not just for Christmas. Joking aside, a garage door takes up 20% of your home’s exterior and can do for years and years to come, so it’s vital you choose the right one for you and your home’s needs.

Up and over

Known as the more traditional garage door, the up and over is certainly the one that springs to mind when you think of a garage door. Not only is it the ‘original’ garage door type, but one of the most popular too, and it’s easy to see why – they look fantastic and does everything you need a garage door to do.

The way the garage door opens is in the name – it lifts up and over the opening and then slides back on to the ceiling, where it is stored once open. Arguably its biggest downfall is the fact the door swings out when you’re opening it, meaning you may get a few bruises on your shin if you’re not careful and you’ll have to be pay attention to how close you park your car.


  • A cheaper option
  • Lots of choice for colours, finishes and materials
  • 10-year guarantee
  • High security four-point locking system


Sectional garage doors are well-known for their capability to save space inside your garage and ours are no exception from that. The space saving is thanks to the fact that the sectional garage door opens vertically like the up and over but doesn’t swing out – instead, the sectional runs along vertical then horizontal tracks which slide back on to the ceiling. The reason it doesn’t swing out is thanks to the separate panels which the door is made up of, which allow it to bend and run along the curved tracks.

Available with three levels of insulation (uninsulated, single-skin and double-skin) our sectional garage doors allow to you protect your garage without having to spend too much money. We recommend the highest level if your garage is attached to your home as it’s very easy for cold air to seep in to your home.


  • Choice of Georgian or ribbed panels
  • Huge range of colours
  • UV resistant primers
  • Manual or electric operation
  • 10-year guarantee


If you think the sectional garage door is great at space-saving, wait until you hear about the roller garage door. The roller is made up of multiple slats which tightly roll together around a drum which is stored in a box above the door’s opening – meaning you have the whole ceiling free to store items unlike the sectional.

Not only do you get excellent security levels with the roller garage door, but insulation levels too and because they are installed without a frame, you can enjoy the full width of the door opening.


  • 200+ colours to choose from
  • Corrosion-proof coatings
  • Ability to fit almost any opening
  • Great insulation and security levels
  • Electric operation and wind locks as standard
  • 10-year guarantee

Side hinged

Our side-hinged garage doors are perfect for you if you regularly go in and out of your garage without a car. That could be with a bike, with shopping or what a lot of people do – use your garage door as the main entry point of your home.

Just like the up and over garage door, the side hinged is also very self-explanatory – it is opens sideward and is attached to a hinge down the side of the door. The main benefit of a side-hinged garage door is that it impressively enhances the look of your home’s exterior, many thinking it adds a touch of class to a home.


  • Classical and contemporary designs available
  • 200+ colours in stock
  • Can be matched to existing features of your property
  • Manual operation comes as standard
  • Wide range of accessories to choose from

Some of the team here at ABi Garage Doors Ltd have been working with garage doors for 30+ years, meaning we can give you experienced, expert advice to help you get the perfect garage door for your home. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch online or give us a call on 01142 055151.