Garage conversion – how could I benefit?

Homeowners all over the UK are desperate for extra space for many different reasons. You may have a child on the way and need to accommodate them or maybe you’ve always wanted to start up your own business but never had the room or money? A garage conversion should definitely be considered as it will solve all your problems and much more.

Extra value

If your garage conversion is well thought out and executed to perfection, it can add as much as 10% to the value of your home. It offers a strong return on investment when it comes to selling, something which will be extremely appreciated when the time comes.

Living space

As previously mentioned, garage conversions provide extra living space. This would be perfect for those who are expecting a baby or need to house their elderly parents – a conversion could cost around the same amount as a retirement home, but you receive more benefits.

Cost effective

When comparing converting a garage to a loft conversion, the difference of price is ridiculous. A single or double garage will also cost less to run and can be rented out separately as another stream of income.

No planning permission

In more instances than not, a garage conversion won’t require any planning permission as most of the work is internal and the external look or shape won’t be affected. However, if your home is in a conservation area or if your garage is separated from your home, you may need permission and we recommend contacting your local council.

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