Which should I choose – sectional or roller?

The two most popular choices when it comes to customers choosing a brand-new garage door for their home are the sectional and roller garage door; and it’s easy to see why. They are both exceptional security wise and with many creative options available to you, matching the style and colour to your home has never been easier.

But which one should you choose? What makes one better than the other? Well, we will let you choose…


The sectional garage door opens vertically, and has horizontal panels which bend over the door’s opening, meaning the door itself doesn’t kickout and therefore means you don’t lose drive space. You might not need to leave space for your door to open, but you will need to leave your whole ceiling free, as that is where the door is stored once open.

The roller garage door also opens vertically, but instead of sliding back parallel to the ceiling, it is stored in a box above the doors opening. The door is made up from multiple horizontal slats which roll itself round a drum and then slide up into the box, meaning once again, no drive space is lost.

Colour & design

Our sectional garage doors are available in a huge range of colours so that you can match it to the taste of your home, whatever it may look like. 200+ colours, a choice of Georgian or ribbed panels and an array of finishes – your sectional garage door couldn’t be any more unique if you tried.

Available to you in over 200 colours are our wonderful roller garage doors. If you’re also looking for a more elegant look compared to a simple block colour, our rollers are available in two authentic wood finishes – these are ‘Rosewood’ and ‘Golden Oak’.

Have you still not made your mind up? You can call one of our experts on 01142 055151 to discuss further and ask any questions you may have.