Make sure you pick the right type of garage door for your home

ABi Garage Doors Ltd have a wide variety of garage doors, to suit every type of home. To choose the most suitable garage door for your home, you should begin by considering the different garage door openers available.

The most popular UK style of garage door openers are the up and over type. These come in either canopy, or retractable designs. Both these types of garage door are available in either wood or metal, in a wide choice of colours and finishes. The canopy style of garage door opens outwards, swinging up in a vertical arc, coming to rest with part of the garage door protruding from the garage, and part lying along the ceiling. Because of ease of installation, and relatively low cost, these are the most popular garage door openers.

You will need to allow sufficient clearance outside the garage for the opening arc, but the advantage is that these garage door openers provide maximum drive through width.

The retractable style of up and over door runs upwards on tracks, coming to rest wholly inside the garage roof. The advantage is that it does not protrude when open, but the opening width is reduced by the tracks and opening arms.

Other types of garage door openers use a segmented, or sectional, door. The sectional door can have the large panelled look of the retractable door, but it runs vertically up the front of the garage, curving at the top to run flat along the ceiling where it comes to rest when open.

The roller door will be constructed of narrower slats, that open by moving vertically up the front of the garage, curving over to form a roll in the ceiling. Advantages of sectional and roller garage door openers are that they require no clearance at the front of the garage, but the roller door will need more space inside the garage roof for the roll when open. Sectional and roller garage doors can be either manually or electrically operated, and are an increasingly popular choice.

For more information about which of these garage door openers would be most suitable for your garage, contact the garage door experts at ABi Garage Doors Ltd.