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Sectional Doors

Are you looking for a garage door with the perfect balance of style, security, practicality and energy efficiency for your Sheffield home? Look no further than the Hormann sectional garage doors we supply.

Whereas up and over doors swing outwards when opening, sectional garage door open upwards. This makes every sectional door the perfect space saver. While they allow you to make full use of the space on your driveway, they also give you more space inside your garage. This is because when open, the door suspends under the garage ceiling to provide more headroom and vertical shelf space.

The sectional garage doors in our range come in a wide range of different colours to suit any taste. They are also available with either manual or electric operation. We are so sure of the quality of these products that we offer extensive 10-year guarantees for your peace of mind.

We also offer you three different levels of insulation with our sectional garage doors, from uninsulated, to single-skin, and double-skin. Is your garage attached to your home? Then choose the highest insulation level to reduce your heating bills by up to 15%!

ABi Garage Doors Ltd have been supplying only the best up and over doors for more than a quarter of a century. offer a complete end to end service. From friendly expert advice, to the initial survey, quote and supply of your new garage door – we do it all. Our team of Sheffield-based engineers share our desire to give you the best engineering and service available in the area.

White Sectional Garage Doors

At ABi Garage Doors Ltd, our white sectional garage doors are available in either horizontal/ribbed, or Georgian panel designs.

Our white horizontal/ribbed sectional garage doors are perfect for a more contemporary feel. These come in small, medium or large sizes, all providing varying levels of insulation. These doors come in a choice of three surface finishes: Woodgrain, Micrograin and Silkgrain.

The Woodgrain finish gives your door a sawn-timber look. It’s also very hardwearing, which makes it the ideal choice if the door is likely to see a lot of use. The Silkgrain finish is silky smooth, and has an ultra-modern look and feel. The Micrograin finish is somewhere between the two. It has a smooth feel that makes it look more modern than the Woodgrain design, but more traditional than the Silkgrain finish.

We fit our white sectional garage doors with either manual or electric operators. We also install each door with electric operation as standard, but we can fit manual operation upon request. If you ask for a manual door, you can choose from the range stylish handles we have in stock.

All of our white sectional doors come with high-security locking systems. Each electric sectional door features a safety device which senses obstructions and stops it from closing.


Coloured Sectional Doors

ABi Garage Doors Ltd offer the full range of Hormann sectional garage doors. These are available in 200+ colours, so you are sure to find the perfect match for your home.

Whether you’re looking for a garage door to suit your modern city property, or a rustic cottage in the countryside – look no further! Our experts are here to design a sectional door that provides a seamless balance with your existing windows and stonework. We also supply and fit matching coloured window and door frames.

We tailor our coloured sectional doors to fit openings of almost any size. No matter what the shape or size of your garage door opening, we offer to customise your sectional door for a perfect fit.

Our sectional garage doors feature weather-resistant seals on all four sides. This allows your garage to retain heat and keep you warm during the cold winter months. If your garage is joined to your house, the added thermal insulation can help make you more comfortable inside, while also helping to reduce your energy bills.

Each one of the coloured doors in our range comes with a 4cm plastic frame. This, paired with the door’s bottom seal provides unmatched protection against corrosion. *

Wood-Effect Sectional Doors

Do you want a long-lasting door with a traditional appearance? Then the Hormann Decograin sectional doors are the perfect choice. Using state-of-the-art technology, Hormann creates doors with the ultra-realistic look of timber, but with the strength of steel.

We give you a choice of doors with a traditional Georgian style, or with different rib designs for a more modern look and feel. Each door features a synthetic foil coating. This is UV-resistant and protects the door from the elements, while its intricate ‘grain’ design gives it the character of real wood.

We can also add windows to all wood-effect sectional doors in our range. Upon request, we match their style and design with the existing windows on your home. We can fit any one of these doors with either manual or electric operation. We also offer matching garage door frames and even front doors. Every product we supply is long lasting and provides a perfect mix of style and security.

We offer a choice of three insulation levels with our wood-effect doors. Is your garage joined to the main property? Or do you use the garage as a workshop? Then choose doubled-skinned insulation to stay warm and comfortable during those cold winter months.

If your garage is not joined to your home and you use it simply for storage, a single-skinned door should suffice.

Timber Sectional Doors

Choose from our range of timber sectional doors for a stunning mix of style and security. They are available in either Hemlock or Nordic Pine. Hemlock is softwood with a straight grain, bark pockets and a light grey-brown colour. Nordic Pine is also softwood with a light colour, yet it also has natural ‘spiral’ grains and yellow-brown knots.

These doors come with a choice of Georgian or horizontal rib designs. We also supply a range of doors with unique cuts (please see brochure to find out more). We can supply your door(s) with built-in natural stone, or even create one based on your personal design.

While offering a natural feel and appearance, our timber sectional doors also come with a host of modern features. These include electric operation, insulation and modern locks for your safety, comfort and security.

Features & Benefits

  • A choice of Georgian or ribbed panels
  • UV-resistant primers
  • A huge range of colours
  • Scratch-proof Duragrain designs
  • Authentic wood-effect Decograin styles
  • Three levels of insulation
  • Manual or electric operation
  • 10-year guarantees


I have used this Company before and therefore had no hesitation in using them again. On both occasions we received a first class, professional service from point of order to delivery and installation. Would highly recommend.

Carol Wright

All went smoothly. From placing the order to the installation taking place on the agreed date. The installation has been done to a very high standard and the quality of product, being German, is of course excellent. It is early days (only one week since the install) but as of now – a thoroughly good job!

J Dimberline

Excellent contractor/supplier. Turned up on time and on the day they said. Good work ethic and friendly staff. I had been given timescales of 6 to 8 weeks by other door suppliers but the process only took 2 weeks from initial survey to completed fitting. I would recommend ABI to others without hesitation.

Adam Hughes


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