Which type of garage door is the most secure?

If security breach has never been an issue at your home, then you must have been on the right side of luck for years. Homes up and down the UK are broken into every day and those who are on the wrong side of the situation will be looking to see how they can maximise the security of their home and we know just where to start.

The garage door is the largest and most often used entryway to many homes, meaning it’s vital that you choose the one that is best for you. But which is the most secure?

Sectional Garage Doors

The sectional garage door is made up of horizontal panels which open vertically and bend over the track, finally being stored parallel to the garage’s ceiling. It’s an extremely sturdy design that will provide immense levels of security to your home, even more so if it’s automated which will remove the need for any pivot points.

Roller Garage Doors

Like the sectional door, the roller has an internal opening mechanism which makes it very difficult for potential intruders to break and enter into your garage. The main difference between the two doors is that the roller is an excellent space-saver thanks to its operation (opens vertically and stored in a drum behind the doors opening).

They are also made up from layers of overlapping materials, meaning the door is harder to penetrate and therefore break in.

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